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WIC and Help Me Grow Partnership: the Results Are In!

Help Me Grow Alameda County partnered with Alameda County Public Health Women, Infants and Children (WIC) to introduce the use of developmental checklists at WIC sites in Alameda. Looking to enhance child development and school readiness support to families, Alameda County Public Health WIC approached Help Me Grow to pilot an innovative collaboration. The agencies designed the WIC Developmental Milestone Checklist Project and piloted the model at the Eastmont WIC office in East Oakland. The project provides developmental checklists based on the Learn the Signs.Act Early. campaign material from the CDC at recertification visits for children 0-5 years of age and connects them to HMG for more support. The project also provided WIC staff training on child development and how to use the materials and wall and floor graphics supporting child development for participating WIC offices.



What were the outcomes?

1.            Raised Awareness of the Importance of Developmental Milestones

As a result of participating in the project, parents and caregivers were more aware of developmental milestones, the importance of acting on concerns, and the availability of support and resources through Help Me Grow. Almost all surveyed families (99%) felt the developmental checklists were helpful. Many described ways in which they learned something new from the checklist about their particular child’s development or about child development in general. Participants also mentioned the importance of paying attention to their child’s development and acting early.

2.            The number of referrals to Help Me Grow from WIC offices and clients increased

During the 12 months following the pilot at the Eastmont WIC site, referrals to HMG increased by 236%. Overall, WIC staff have connected 192 families with children under five to child development care coordinators who provide child development support, information, resources, and referrals.

3.            WIC staff are committed to the early identification of developmental concerns

All of the staff surveyed agreed that it is important to identify developmental concerns early and about 80% of staff agreed that the checklists assist in supporting families.


What’s next?

Because the Pilot at Eastmont WIC was such a success, Help Me Grow is working to expand this project to additional WIC offices in the county. Three additional Alameda County Public Health WIC offices (Telegraph, Hayward, and Fremont) have begun implementing the developmental checklist project and are distributing checklists to participating families. Other WIC sites in the county have joined in too! Now, families who visit La Clinica de la Raza WIC’s, East Oakland Health Center WIC, West Oakland Health Center WIC, and City of Berkeley WIC sites will receive the developmental checklist and be connected to HMG if they want further support.


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