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There are some basic, best practice training that all providers, regardless of discipline need to have. This is particularly true for the field of early childhood education where disciplines are rapidly evolving. Providers need multiple opportunities to reflect with their peers on the strengths and challenges they face in their work

Too often when agency budgets get tight, training is not a priority and providers don’t have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill. The field of early childhood is growing and providers need to be aware of new concepts, frameworks and curricula that benefit children 0-5 and their families. To develop a strong work force, providers need basic and best practice training. 


What We Are Doing:

Through the Training Strategy we have held 43 trainings from July 2013 to June 2014 and served hundreds of providers. Providers were from dozens of different Alameda County agencies and organizations.

By offering training to professional Home Visitors, Family Advocates, Early Childhood Education Managers, Nurses, Mental Health Consultants and many others, on beginning and intermediate, core early childhood topics, agencies can withstand turnover and nurture staff competencies. These well trained providers, in turn, are able to provide quality services which have enormous impact on Alameda County children.

We also offer Learning Communities which provide a deeper experience for providers to learn and reflect through a particular lens, over an extended period of time. These communities congregate around the specific populations they serve, for example, communities grouped by profession, culture, client population, geographic location, need, etc.    

First 5 Alameda County Programs Supporting this Strategy 

Training @ First 5 

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