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Why This Strategy:grants photo

The First 5 Alameda County Grants for Community Supports Strategy promotes and advances the mission of First 5 Alameda County by awarding grants to community agencies and programs. Grant funds allow our community partners to increase families’ access to services by increasing the number and types of services available in the community, often serving hard-to-reach and underserved client populations and filling service gaps. No single organization can meet the many diverse needs of Alameda County kids and families singlehandedly. In order to best meet these needs, many community partners are required. First 5 provides funds to increase grantees’ use of best and promising practices, and to create opportunities for agencies to come together to learn about each other’s work and identify opportunities for partnership and collaboration.  

What We Are Doing:

Since 2000, the First 5 Alameda County Community Grants Initiative (CGI) has made grant awards to non-profit and public agencies to support families and promote the health and well-being of young children in Alameda County. This strategy gives awards in three categories:

  • Community Support
  • Partnership
  • Targeted

These awards are given to public agencies and community based organizations. For a list of 2015-17 grant recipients Click Here.

First 5 Alameda County Programs Supporting this Strategy:

Neighborhood Partnership

Community Grants

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