Our Impact: Families - Maternal Depression

Our Impact: Families - Maternal Depression
Our Impact: Families - Maternal Depression

Maternal Depression in Alameda County:

 Maternal Depression Graphic

For 2006-08, Alameda County ranked 22 out of 42 California counties on the rate of maternal depression, with lower rankings indicating higher rates of depression (Home Visiting Programs in Alameda County: Program Review and Evaluation, Applied Survey Research, April 2011).   

More Screening for Parental Depression: The Significance

Maternal depression is a significant risk factor affecting the well-being and school readiness of young children. First 5 Alameda County works closely with providers, encouraging them to screen caregivers using standardized depression screening tools and providing regular trainings on screening and referral processes.

Our Results:

  • 12% increase in standardized depression screening of F5AC parents between 2006-2011. 

  • 5,392 caretakers were screened for depression, which is 77% of all parents receiving F5AC home visiting services.

  • 23% of caretakers screened positive. We found a positive correlation between caretakers scoring positive for depression and children scoring positive for developmental concerns.

For more info contact: first5alamedacounty@first5ecc.org