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Every day, your child is growing and learning. The most important time for a child’s development is the first 5 years of life

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s development, learning or behavior, it’s important to act early. Getting help early is one of the best things you can do to help ensure your child reaches their best development.







CALL Us! 888-510-1211 Free and confidential support and resources

for children’s development, learning and behavior.


Information and Referrals

As a parent, you know best.  Our Care Coordinators are available for support.  They will

  • Listen to your questions and concerns

  • Provide information and support for your child’s development, learning and behavior

  • Help you access local resources 

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Family Navigators 

Family Navigators are parents like you.  They have a child who received support.  Family Navigators can

  • Meet with you in person to provide information and support 

  • Help you figure out what your child needs 

  • Explain different services and help you get enrolled 


Developmental Screening Program

Are you interested in tracking your child’s development?  It’s easy when you enroll in the developmental screening program!

The Developmental Screening program helps families track their child’s development through their 5th birthday. Care Coordinators review results and follow-up with you.  You receive tips, information and support. 

To register call 888 - 510 - 1211 or


1. You can sign up for Help Me Grow any time before your child’s 5th birthday.

Click here to enroll in English

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2. Complete a developmental questionnaire. Every few months, you will receive a developmental questionnaire. To complete, you will answer questions about how your child plays, learns, speaks, moves, behaves and relates to others.

3. Send the questionnaire to Help Me Grow in a prepaid envelope.

4. Help Me Grow will contact you. A member of our team will contact you with your child’s results by mail, email or telephone. You can learn about your child’s strengths and any areas for concern. Our team will help you if you have questions or feel that your child needs extra support. 


 Is a new website just for families with children ages birth to 5 years.

  • You can find information on child development and hear real stories from families. 

  • Check out the Resource Directory to search over 200 early childhood and parenting resources located in Alameda County! 

For all services, call 888-510-1211.  Care Coordinators speak English, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin. Interpretation is available for other languages. All services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.


For general information on our Help Me Grow Program visit our Help Me Grow homepage.